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Sliced Medium Rare Grilled Beef Steak Ribeye With Corn And Cherry Tomatoes On Cutting Board On Woode
Beef Steak With Fresh Herbs On A  White Plate .
Hot Empty Charcoal Bbq Grill With Bright Flames
Sliced Medium Rare Grilled Beef Steak Ribeye With Corn And Cherry Tomatoes On Cutting Board On Woode
Beef Steak With Fresh Herbs On A  White Plate .
Hot Empty Charcoal Bbq Grill With Bright Flames
Proudly Manufactured
in the USA


-------       ALL NATURAL       NO PRESERVATIVES       NO MSG       GLUTEN FREE       ------- 

We Would Love To Hear From YOU!

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I just wanted to say how truly amazed I am by your product. At home I always find myself experimenting with different spices to get a flavor that appeals to me. With just one bite I found a product that doesn't need any explaining.. It just  impress'.. No extra mixing.. No experimenting needed. I didn't walk away with a gun from the Ontario Gun Show, but I walked away with different Flavors I am EXCITED to share with friends and family at our parties. THANK You! :) -J.R.


Love you guys, literally the best meal I've ever had is couscous with butter, olive oil, dried cranberries, and Grizzly Joe's Tequila Lime seasoning (and occasionally chili powder and paprika).

Can't believe I waited so long to look you guys up and restock! Gonna try two new ones on the couscous too. -P.M. San Tan Valley, AZ


I bought a bottle of Grizzly Joe's at a local home show.Wow is this stuff good!!I put it on burgers,eggs,potatoes,chicken,just about everything! You guys hit a homerun with this one !Thanks for a great product. -T.C. Visalia, CA


We bought grizzley joe's trail dust at the Ventura gun show a few months ago. We love this stuff! It makes zuccni and brocolli tast like steak...Not to mention putting it on chicken and meat for that great comprehensive pop!!!We love it. -J.A. Valencia, CA


The "Trail Dust" mix is incredible. You can go as heavy as you like and you won't overpower or ruin the meat like the store bought stuff. The salt content is low, so you get a hint of salt but you get all the other great spices shining through!

Love it! -A.B. Santa Barbera, CA


I ran into this guy at a gun show in Sacramento, CA in January of 2011. Seasonings are terrific and can use them on pretty much anything. Ordering more seasonings right now cause I ran out. -N.Y. Sacramento, CA


Your product is fabulous. The original - I used to use Lawry's seasoning.  Not anymore.  Got rid of it. Only use yours now. And your California Dreamin - Favorite seasoning to use on just about everything.I shipped some of both to my daughter in Buffalo, NY.  She loves it too. -D.G. Daly City, CA


I went to the fair on four dollar day. Walking threw the all the booths I looked once at a guy holding a tooth pick. I did a double take and stop by and sampled the spices.

Since that day with my new BBQ I just bought I have been cooking with your spices on every dish. I am a huge fan of your product and I'm hook for a very long time. -Paul San Diego, CA


What a great inexpensive way to enjoy my steaks and veggies.

I will certainly be ordering some more!! -G.M. Fresno, CA


I discovered your seasoning blends when I lived in Escondido, CA.  I have since relocated to the midwest and I have run out of Grizzly Joe's original seasoning.  I have yet to find a better blend! I always used it on roasted chicken and got rave reviews.  I will be buying a bunch online.  -A.B. Mayville, WI


We always look forward to you guys at the DelMar Fair.  This year for the first time we got the Chipotle seasoning.  Addicted.  Must. Have. More.  Everyone in my house loves ALL your products, but that one. OMG. -L.H. El Cajon, CA


I moved up to Idaho 7 years ago and folks up here love everything I cook with Grizzly Joe's.  Hopefully one day you can get it in the Albertson's stores up here.  We love it! -C.J. Idaho


Me and my boyfriend bought grizzly joes at the Harvest Festivial and we are in love with it!! We put it on EVERYTHING. If you have not tried it you are missing out!!! -R.F. Boisse, ID


Just bought some from the Home Show and OMG!!! Love it. I cooked a bunch of chicken and flavored them 4 different ways!! Loved them All!!! -M.S. Roseville, CA


Just wanted to say, I love your seasonings…please stay around for a long time. -B.B. Whittier, CA


I am completely addicted to the "Trail Dust"

I cannot live without it!!! -K.L. Las Vegas, NV


Tried out Grizzly Joes at the Kern County Fair. Loved it so much!! Now spreading the word in Portland Oregon. keep up the good work. Love your guys products. J.S. Portland, OR


I first started using the original Grizzly Joe's in about 2004. Wow! 10 years!! You were handing out samples in an Albertson's in Riverside. I bought some and haven't been without it until I moved to Las Vegas, recently. Ugh! I missed it so. So glad to have found the website. Ordering now and can't wait for it to arrive!!! Ann Las Vegas, NV


I recently went to the Del Mar Fair. And we picked up a bottle of Grizzly Joe's. Amazing!!!

Great blend of spices -J.V. San Diego, CA


I tried Grizzly Joe's at the San Diego County Fair on July 4th and I I was so impressed, that I bought 4 bottles (one of each) and used them that same evening. The best spices I've ever tasted!! Thank you!! -Efren San Marcos, CA


I recently visited relatives in CA and went to the fair in Del Mar and picked up a bottle of the original gourmet, brought it home to AR and love the stuff. I have ordered 5 original and trying another one. Great seasoning! -J.B. Arkansas


I would just love to say that every time i know you're in Las Vegas for conventions i ALWAYS make sure i buy a few bottles of your delicious chipotle seasoning. I use it I  almost any meat i cook and very delicious when cooking bacon.  Your trail dust is so perfect for steaks abd especially roasts. Im excited to buy your original Mixx of which i have yet to try.  Thank you for doing a great job. -F.S. Las Vegas, NV


Love LOVE the tequila Lime seasoning.  I got it today at the Ontario gun show.  Put it on our fresh caught trout and it was the best.  My kid LOVED IT!!!!    Thank you!!!!! -J.V.A Yucaipa, CA


I bought a six bottles seasonings at The San Diego County fair, and we fell in love with it, specially the Original Gourmet and The California Dreamin. I'm literally running out of them, cause my boys love it on everything!! -M.H. Imperial Beach, CA


My son and I tried your product at the CA state fair a couple years ago.  I have bought many meat seasonings to try and find the same wonderful flavor.  Nothing compares to your product and I am so happy to have found your web site!!! -Gloria Rocklin, CA


Your product is beyond exceptional have used alot of other things over the years and I will not use anything else you can use it on anything trail dust is the best hands down -D.S. Fernley, NV


We love GRIZZLY JOE'S, we picked up our first bottle at the LA County Fair and it's become a staple in our spice rack. Actually, everything else has been pushed to the back GRIZZLY JOE'S is our first choice! -Dory Los Angeles, CA


Bought some of this last year at a boat show in Southern California while I was out there for work and visiting a friend that lives in Escondido.  Running out so had to order some to be shipped across the country to South Carolina.  You need to market this stuff closer so I can run to the store to pick some up. -P.B. Summerville, SC


Hands down these are the best seasoning I've ever had!!!  I am so glad I found Grizzly Joe's. -J.R. Avondale, AZ


Got to try this stuff at the L.A. Fair last year, and was pleasantly surprised. So happy its made right here the good old USA ! Thank You guys for a good healthy product. If you haven't tried the trail dust, its a must. I cook a lot with it over  potatoes in the morning. use it generously !!!! -M.C. Upland, CA


We bought all 4 seasonings (except the Tequila Lime) at the Fred Hall Trade Show a couple weekends ago, and all 4 flavors have been a HIT with my family!!! I cannot wait to buy more and give out as gifts to my parents and family and friends! Thanks again for making such a great product! I now love cooking more than ever! -J.P. Huntington Beach, CA


I came across Grizzly Joes at a Roadshow at the Costco in San Marcos, CA about 8 years ago. I've been using each variety ever since. Thank you! -M.M. Oceanside, CA


Trail Dust is No.1 in my opinion. I'm here searching to see if you had a website while I was eating my eggs topped with Trail Dust because I'm running out and want to order some more! I use it on almost everything -R.S. Moreno Valley, CA


We bought the Original seasoning at the SD County Fair and just bought one bottle because we thought "maybe it won't be as good when we get it home" BOY we were WRONG. It is amazing.  We have used it on eggs, meats, veggies and love it.  I have replaced our salt with it.  We aren't big salt people but now I will only use salt when it calls for it in a baking recipe. We will be ordering more. -Michelle San Diego, CA


Okay, so my family went to the fair and when we got a sample of the California Dreamin, I took one look at my husband and said,"this would be amazing on popcorn!" Fast forward to tonight, sprinkled it on some popcorn,BUY SOME OF THIS RIGHT NOW. -S.B. Oceanside, CA 


I love your spices, and feel good supporting a local business! My faves are original, chipotle and tequila lime - all are great on just about anything, even veggies. I just ordered refills...I can't be without them! -Kim Perris, CA


New Grizzly fan here.  Never been much more than a salt and pepper kind of guy until recently.  Tried a few different seasonings at the San Diego Fair this year.  I now own multiple bottles of every type.  The original is great on steaks and beef.  I love the tequila lime on my grilled chicken.  But OMG the California Dreamin is my favorite, I eat it with pastas and anything potato ALL DAY LONG.  Also I sprinkle it over some ranch dressing while dipping my veggies and making it an irresistible snack.  Just waiting for the right opportunity to use the chipotle and traildust.  Mmmmmmmm Grizzly Joes!!! -T.W. San Diego, CA


We moved from San Diego to Gulf Shores, AL. We put Grizzly's on just about everything.  We put it on our burgers, steaks, chops and even on our breakfast home potatoes.  We just love it!  When visitors come from San Diego it is a requirement that they bring us some.  Can't wait for our delivery in Oct. I mean for our son to visit in October.  LOVE GRIZZLY'S


I was out camping and fishing with my brother in the eastern Sierras. After catching some trout, we decided to go back to camp and cook some for lunch. Fortunately the only seasoning we had left in our food container was Grizzly Joes original gourmet. We decided to try it on the fish! We added a medium coat to the fish and fried  it on the BBQ skillet. We were so amazed by the taste! We intstantly went out and fought more fish. We couldn't wait to have more. This is now the only seasoning we putt on fish! Wow, amazing stuff!  You have to try it! -Frank Rancho Cucamonga, CA


We have used your spices for the last couple of years. I used them a few days ago for our Thanksgiving turkey. I mixed some of the Trail Mix and Original Gourmet together, heavily rubbed it all over the turkey and put it in the refrigerator overnight. We then used the deep fryer to fry the turkey. It came out wonderful. Since all the turkey was consumed Thanksgiving day I just repeated the process with a whole chicken and made that for dinner tonight. Again it came out great. You offer a very enjoyable product. -JOCO Suisu City, CA


Hi, just wanted to say that I love Grizzly Joes. I have teenagers who tried it and liked it and it is disappearing fast. Just wanted to say Thanks and congratulations for a great product! –G.S. Temecula, CA


We picked-up a bottle in Quartzsite after my dad said it was the best seasoning he had ever used.

Wish we would have picked-up more than one. Thanks -T. T. Phoenix, AZ


Hello, I have recently moved to Arizona from Temecula California. I live in the Tucson area. I love your product. I use your product on everything, it’s the best. Have a great day! - S.F. Tucson, Arizona


I recently moved from Temecula and lost my source of Grizzly Joe’s.  Now when company comes to Missouri, they must bring bottles of Grizzly Joe’s.  We use your spices in our deli.  MUST GET MORE!!!!

Yummy Spices!  –P.S Missouri


I started using Grizzly Joe's when I was looking for something to help cut down on my salt intake.  Instead of Garlic Salt I thought I'd give this a try.   Well, it's fabulous.  I know it still contains salt, but not as much as garlic salt and you don't need as much, because of the flavor "kick" it has.  I've given it to all the people I care about and the verdict is the same. 

This stuff is great!!!!! –I.H. San Diego


I no longer buy pre-marinated Carne asada, I just sprinkle some Original Gourmet on it and squeeze on some lime while it’s on the BBQ. Everyone loves it. Thanks.

Good stuff –T.Y. Temecula


You have an absolutely amazing product. I ran into your booth about a year ago in Costco down here in San Diego and since then I've used this stuff to season my food constantly. Never give up on this product, its incredible. –G.U. San Diego


LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! We are hooked and we are previously "Emeril Rub" fans.

-R.D. Las Vegas



I enjoy trying new spice recipes on my own for flavoring my steaks and other meats.  I went to a display at Costco and tried some of the sample Chicken with the Lime spice you guys make and found it very tasty.  I bought a 3 pack and just tried the Original Gourmet on a boneless Rib eye, let the steak sit a few hours in the spice then cook to medium rare... Oh my goodness, I could tell by the smell of the spice this would be good out of the box, but WHOA!  The taste of the steak was 10 times better than imagined.  “Very good”.  Wanted to try alone with no additives... now I know I don't need any.  Best steak rub I've found yet.  If I can't continue to find at Costco... you know I'll be ordering online.  

Excellent!!! –J.T. El Cajon, CA



Just thought I'd drop a note and let you know we purchased our first set of spices at the San Marcos Costco store.  My husband, who cooks, loves it and told me to look it up on the internet and lo and behold I found you.  Thanks for your product.

-M.D. San Marcos, CA


My nephew tells me that your seasoning is the best around.

-A.M. Oak Hill, FL


My boyfriend Joe and I have been using your product for a couple of years and after we could not find it as easily at our Grocery store, we have been ordering on line. Last weekend we had a huge barbeque with over 40 people attending. Joe made a huge roasting pan of vegetables using olive oil and the Trail Dust on them!  Oh my goodness, we got so many compliments on the veggies!  Since then several others have gotten your website from me and have ordered! It is an awesome product. Thanks, -S.H.  Hayward, CA


Just to let you know, you can do something with your spices that can't be done with the competitors. I enjoy it straight...yep, no meat just spice with a blast of flavor. When you are on a diet, sometimes you want maximum flavor without the calories...Grizzly Joe’s is the way to go. A blast of great flavor in every teaspoon. One heck of a great product. –B.J. Carlsbad, CA


We just wanted to drop you a note telling you how FANTASTIC your products are. All three are very yummy (the "Tequila Lime" is delicious on chicken and fish and the "Trail Dust" is a wonderful marinade for grilled steaks). I have to admit that our favorite is definitely the "Original Gourmet". It's our favorite, because it is the most versatile of all three. We use it in and on just about everything we cook. YUM...

We picked it up at Costco in Las Vegas at your Roadshow and have been using it non-stop ever since. -D.W.  Las Vegas, NV


I love this seasoning!!!  My daughter used the last of it and tossed the jar... she went to buy more and could not find it.  I figured I would never find this seasoning again.  I have saved your website as a favorite so I can order more directly from you in the future! –S. D. Temecula, CA


Hi, I've just ordered a couple of bottles of your Original seasoning.  I am TOTALLY addicted to it and am running on fumes of my first bottle. My husband will only allow the Original or Trail Dust on HIS grill. Needless to say, we love it. Thank you for a great product!. -R.J. Las Vegas, NV


My husband and I bought some of your spices.  We are so addicted to them now and everyone we know has asked about them. It’s time for me to stock up. –L.G. Anaheim, CA


You’re seasoning ROCKS.  I stumbled on it back in 2001 or 2002.  And it's just the absolute best.  Nothing compares!  NOTHING.  You have a great product.  Keep up the good work! –L.M. Las Vegas, NV


Thank you sooo much. Grizzly Joe's is our favorite exchange gift. We all love it but must search for it. That's half the fun.   Love ya'll, -S.P. Santa Clarita, CA


Hi, I am almost out of the Original Gourmet. It is the best meat enhancer I've ever had! I use it every time on steaks and hamburgers. –V.F. Scottsdale, AZ


I Love your TRAIL DUST it goes great with MAHI MAHI fillets. I just blacken one side flip over cook five minutes. A little bit of fresh lemon juice some steamed veggies an there you go Sunday dinner. –G.M.  El Cajon, CA


I have received many compliments on your seasonings and would like to order more. -M.H.S. Temecula, CA


Your spices are absolutely the best! I use them on just about everything! –M.H.  Phoenix, AZ


Just wanted you to know how much I love your Original blend!  So much so that after visiting my sister in Huntington Beach a few years ago and eating some steak she grilled seasoned with Grizzly’s, that I went to Albertson’s and bought a few bottles to bring back to Virginia with me.  I have since been ordering online.  It is my favorite spice to use!  My dinner guests always love the taste of the food I serve with Grizzly Joe’s and when they ask what my marinade is I always break out a bottle of my special ingredient (Grizzly’s Original). Two veggie favorites involve tossing olive oil and a generous sprinkling of Original Grizzly’s over steamed green beans. Also, quartered new potatoes (then roasting at 450 degrees for 30 minutes)

Keep up the great work. –P.P. Virginia  P.S. The new website looks great.   


We would love to hear from you!




I can't even begin to tell you how amazing and spectacular your seasoning is! It's the greatest in the world! It's so good, I only have to put a small dash of it on and it will entirely flavor whatever I put it on! This recipe of yours is absolutely amazing!!!! I actually feel guilty for paying so very little when it lasts for so very long! Every food-related store ought to carry your seasoning, and I'd love to tell any of your vendors how awesome this stuff is! WOW. It packs the perfect punch! There is no better flavor!

Two words; Overwhelmingly Delicious!



Hello, We've been using your Trail Dust and Tequila Lime for 3 yrs now. I just wanted to tell you we now also LOVE your new California Dreamin and Chipotle seasonings too!  I order them online. If you offered them in a bigger size, I'd buy those too!  Keep on coming up with those Great Seasonings!  We Love Them! 

-D.W. Canyon Lake, CA


I bought some of your spices at the Simi Valley street fair earlier this year....EXCELLENT...ALL OF EM. the one I have  a tendency to use the most is "Tequila lime". just about running out lol.. will order more soon. Great Product!!. -T.S 


We love using the original gourmet on scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, mashed potatoes, roasted corn, everything we've tried so far.  We love using the trail dust on every kind of steak. -L.T. Queen Creek, AZ 




I am a Canadian who right now lives in Mexico just across from San Diego. I was in a San Diego Costco a couple of years ago and saw the Grizzly Joe's booth and bought a pack. they are the best I have ever used. I have multiple times made fajitas for people and they always say they are the best they have ever had, it is 100% Grizzly Joe's greatness. I dread the day I move back to Canada and run out without anywhere to buy it. - T.R. Rosarito, Mexico


I'm a teenager and seriously I swear to you I can't eat anything without Grizzly Joe's on it.I even have a bottle in my backpack for school. Thanks for making a great product!!!! wouldn't be able to live without it. -E.R. San Diego, CA


Trail Dust is my favorite seasoning ever!  Last time you were at the Costco in Vista, CA, I was so enthusiastic about your product, people thought I was a plant for your company!  I was raving about it and brought you a few sales! - I.A. Vista, CA


Bought Blaze O Glory & California Dreamin at your booth in the Home Show in Lake Elsinore last week.  Used the Blaze O Glory last night on a London broil on a Weber grill with Hickory briquets and hickory smoke - DEE-LISH-US!!!  Thanks for your great seasonings!

-Ken, El Cajon, CA


My husband  made some beef jerky and used some trail dust on it and everyone just loved it  you should try it its teriffic.

-Rita Loveland


Bought my first bottle at a gun show in Phoenix AZ, LOVE IT !!!. My son made ribs and put trail dust on them awesome and I made a roast and put trail dust on it very good.


-Donna, Phoenix AZ


My Wife and I have been enjoying Grizzly Joe’s, for over 5 years. It is the most versatile seasoning I have ever tasted and we use it on nearly every dish. Omelets, steak, chicken, salmon, veggie burgers and any vegetable or starch. Whenever we have guests over for dinner most complements are due to the fine seasoning. Grizzly Joe’s, is an appreciated gift to share with family and friends as well. It has become part of our culinary lifestyle. Customers for life.

-Michael & Deborah – El Dorado Hills, Ca


I bought a four-pack at the gunshow. I was amazed. I use tequila lime on fresh fruit, melons, and vegetables. Awesome.

-Jerry, Irvine, CA


We LOVE Grizzly Joe's! We didn't know how to do a recipe since we never use true recipes, but here's one tip for using Grizzly Joe's Original Gourmet or California Dreamin.

Try it in an scrambled eggs or hashbrowns. Makes breakfast better than ever.

Grizzly Joe's is great on anything, grilled or otherwise.

LOVE the stuff. Can't live without it.

Thanks again, 

-Dee and Marc, Mesa, AZ


I bought your spices at a Costco road show.  What a great purchase!  I am taking my "Trail Dust" on vacation this summer. What a great product!!

-M.M., Carlsbad, CA


Never thought I'd go to a gunshow and leave with seasoning! I just so happened to notice a divine smell coming from one of the booths at the Las Vegas Gunshow. I tried Trail Dust and immediately fell in love with it. As a matter of fact I whipped out my wallet and forked out the cash and bought 4 different seasonings right after the sampling! Now, there's a new recipe for grilling in the family! Thanks for making such a great product!

-Will, Las Vegas, NV


We first found you at the Midstate Fair in Paso Robles years ago.  Your products are the perfect blend for any meat product we put them on.  The kids love your taste too.  Thanks and don't disappear.

-Foskie, San Luis Obispo, CA


I visited the gun Show at Orange County Fairgrounds CA.I purchased the 4 pks of seasoning. They are all great! The original on steak is awesome!Plus Gralic powder. I am a great griller and B&B Cook.

-P.K. Corona, CA


I bought a bottle of you original seasoning,so far the Tri Tips have been fantastic...... bbq some boneless chicken breast last night with the same seasoning and i must say it was darn good....and i don't really care for chicken..... i will be ordering more soon...... Thanks


Lindsay, CA


We love your seasoning! We first got a couple of different flavors from the fair in Pomona. We ran out :( cause we used it on EVERYTHING! Every year we have looked for your booth. I have finally found your website and just ordered a few more. Thank you so much for your product. It is AMAZING!!!!

-K. C.

Santa Clarita, CA


I just wanted to drop you a note saying thanks for the great seasoning. I have lived in 5 different states and in 2004 I landed in Temecula, CA. I have always loved how different regions have there own spin on food. Well I left Temecula in 2005 with a taste for Tri-tip with a generous rub of Grizzly Joe's cook over hickory wood. Outstanding...When I left I had 3 bottles of Grizzley Joes. When I ran out I could not find you on the web, I tried to make do with other rubs and homemade mixtures. So tonight while out grilling a pork shoulder I got that taste for Grizzly Joe's and thought lets look on the web again. Wow I found your website. I still have one empty bottle to remind me of the taste. I can't wait for the case to arrive. I can now let my friends taste the best rub in the USA. 

Thanks Again in Indiana

-Ron H.

Elkhart, Indiana


We use your products all the time. This past weekend we went camping and all of us forgot the Joe's and called our friends who were on their way up. They turned around and went to pick it up for us. It is always a must when we go camping or eat in general!And trust me when I say it was SO WORTH IT :]

Murrieta, CA


We love your product, and use it on everything!........our friends have tried it and like it as well......good job


Gold Canyon, AZ


I went to a gun show a couple months ago and a found your product at a booth, so i asked if i could taste it and the booth owner said sure. i tryed it and was blown away! I put it on everything i can. steak, ribs, pizza, wings, pasta, baked potatoes, fries, etc. i compared it to a mass produced big corporation product and your products put it to shame. I dont think im ever going to go to any other seasoning brand! Thanks for such a superb product!


Kingwood, TX


We bought your Trail Dust at the Las Vegas gun  show and brought it home to share with the family. Everyone loves it and nothing goes in the rotisserie without it!!


Lancaster, CA


I am seriously addicted to grizzly! from burgers, pizza, soup, deviled eggs, bratwurst, sandwiches, bean and cheese dip, the scent alone drives me wild like a grizzly!!!


San Clemente, CA


Not only do you have great seasoning, but your customer service is awesome!!!  I got my order in 24hrs.  It's true that it's not far from Temecula to Carlsbad, but you still had to pack and ship my order right away for me to get it so quick.  Great products, great price, great service.  I will continue to use and recommend your seasoning and I wish you much future success.


Carlsbad, CA


Grizzly Joe's made the relocate trip from California to Arkansas. Everyone loves the "tequila lime shrimp and pineapple on the grill. So unbelievably good! So glad you have the website for ordering. Thanks so much!


Atkins, Arkansas


We first tried your product in Albertsons in Murrieta. Since then we moved to GA and we are happy to see that we can buy your product online and we are excxited to expand beyond the Original and Tequila Lime. We have replaced almost all of our other seasonings with your excellent product.


Newnan, GA


I LOVE Grizzly Joe's, The first time I tried it was in 2004 at Albertson's  across the street. They were giving samples of Salmon cooked with Grizzly's Joe's orginal on it. Oh my! was that good. My GRIZZLY JOE'S is used on alot more than fish.I am so HOOKED. I have even given some to family and friends to try.It is the best seasoning ever. Thank you for spicing my life!


Perris, CA


A friend at work gave me a bottle of Grizzly Joe's to try out. OMGosh. I used it as a dry rub on my Tri Tip and it came out perfect -- best ever! I just ordered a half dozen for gifts. Keep up the good work :)


Valencia, CA


It's a simple life lesson; if you find something that works, stay with it. This stuff is incredible. I, as so many others was introduced to your wonderful product at a gun show. I only have one suggestion for visitors to the site; if you stumbled onto this site while looking for the BEST seasonings ever then be sure to make a purchase (if only one bottle of the original). If you leave without giving Grizzly's a try you will regret it.


Whittier, CA


We love your seasoning. It is great that you keep it so pure. We bought our first set of your seasonings at Costco and use it for everything. Thanks again for such a great product. Original is our favorite, but can't wait to try your Garlic one.


Murrieta, CA


Just purchased your spices at the Ontario gun show! Had  it on everything we made for dinner. Had my niece, her hubby and their 7 and 10 year old. Everyone loved it! on everything we ate!!!! edamame, potatoes, corn on the cob and steaks!!!

Thank You for the Fabulous product! We are all hooked!!!


Palm Desert, CA


Grizzly Joe's is simply put the "BEST" I was approached by A merchant at the Crossroads of the west gunshow here in Las Vegas,asked myself why I was buying spices at a gun show,but no regrets,now I know why, question answered I was buying the best seasonings I had ever tasted or used, Thank you grizzly Joe's, and I also thank that merchant for introducing me to heaven in a bottle!!!


Las Vegas, NV


California transplants to Texas but we still love Grizzly Joe's on everything!

-The Nelsons

Austin, TX


We've purchased your seasonings at several gun shows, and love all of them.  We don't buy spices from the store anymore.  Instead, we use your spices on everything we cook.  We just ordered a gift package to be sent to our family in Utah.  The only thing missing is the opportunity to write a short comment to the person receiving the gift so they know who sent it.


Banning, CA


Tonite I made a delicious tri tip, thanks to the tipsy cook. So, I ordered your Trail Dust. Know why?

Because the tipsy cook said there was nothing better to put on the tri tip before cooking.

Since he knew what he was talking about in regard to cooking the perfect tri trip, I thought he'd know the best stuff to put on that tri tip.

Several people wanted to know where to get Grizzly Joe's Trail Dust. I googled and found your site. I'm going back to tipsy cook to let folks know.

Thanks for a great product!  Mary



Love, Love, Love the Original gourmet. It's great on everything including veggies! Got it at a Costco roadshow and am glad to find it online.


Hemet, CA


I love it,love want more of it .thanks for sending my taste buds into space.


Santa Monica, CA


Have Loved Grizzly Joe's for years.. Being Military we move a lot and are so glad we can order on line and get a taste from home.. This is the BEST Seasoning on EVERYTHING!!!


Norfolk, VA


Hello Grizzly Joe's!  My husband and my son and daughter in law and myself were at the boat show in Southern CA this last weekend and we bought your spices.  I have to tell you they are delicious as that night we grilled 3 meats with 3 different seasonings of yours and we were so delightfully surprised at how delicious they were!  Of course it really helped that we were able to sample them all at your stand.  Just wanted to thank you so much for your special product! 


Chico, CA


Tried your samples at the Del Mar fair yesterday and had to buy your products! I made steak tonight for everyone at home and all of them asked "Where did you get this steak". I laughed and said "It is the new seasoning I found called Grizzly Joe's". They were all amazed and so was I. Thank you for such a wonderful product and I will be a faithful customer from here on out! 


Spring Valley, CA



My husband and I purchased your 5 different varities at a Phoenix fair.  We are always looking for a great way to prepare dishes in a low fat, low salt way.  These have very low sodium which is what first attracted us and they are also packed with a punch of flavor.  We put them on EVERYTHING too and  o o o what flavor.


Phoenix, AZ


First time customer bought the six pack at the Del Mar show April 10th and the family loves it used three so far all a big hit. Will be ordering soon. Anyone who reads this must order some you won't be disapointed. My favorite is the Trail Dust and California Dreamin so far will try the others next. Thanks 


Santee, CA


Okay, the best seasoning ever!! We found your product at the Palm Springs Home show The sales person or maybe the owner was just great, which was a relief, because most vendors there, bark at you to com into there booth. We tried the Tequila lime in our savory flan and the California dreamin on our roasted vegies. Would be nice to see you in Jensen's Markets or Bristo Farms. Thanks again.

A new customer for life.


Palm Springs, CA


I picked up some of the original seasoning at the Ontario gun show a while back. Every time I used it I kick my self in the ass I should have bought all the flavors. That bottle was finshed in no time I belive this is  the first bottle of any kind of seasoning I have ever finshed I going to try to make it to this weeks show in Ontario again. Thanks keep up the good product


Corona, CA


Thank you, I went to the home show today just for some more Grizzly Joe's. I bought one of each yummy flavors!! Can't wait to start cooking. 


Riverside, CA


This seasoning is what I use on my Smoked Tri-Tip and no one complains.  The slight heat of the "Original" hits you seconds later when you least expect it.  Highly recommend it.


Brea, CA


Bought your 5 type selection at the Fred Hall show in L.B., Ca. Great rub. If it holds still and i can get it on the Bar b Q your rub is on it.


Long Beach, CA


  My husband bought one of each of the blends at a Sacramento gun show.  Our favorite is the Tequila Lime ... I use it on everything (have country style ribs precooking in the oven as I type).  It is unbelievable sprinkled on top of deviled eggs too.


Elk Grove, CA


We bought a selection of your spices including the Original Gourment at the Anaheim home show today - based on your sample of a hamburger patty that we tasted.  As soon as we got home I tried it out on some burgers. Oh, my Lord.  What an amazing taste. Next time I'm not putting any ketchup on the burger.  And for it to be less in salt than the other spices is icing on the cake.  Thanks for a great product!  I look forward to trying the others and telling a few friends.


Tustin, CA


I picked up your five pack at the Home and Garden Show to give to my husband to use in his meatloaf to boost the flavor. So the reality is he hasn't used any of them yet, but I have added the Chipotle to his chili, the Chipotle and Tequila Lime to popcorn and the Trail Dust to a nuked potato. LOVE YOUR STUFF and kudos to my friend who dragged me over to your booth from ours! And more importantly, nice price point! Thank you!


Irvine, CA


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